Monday, January 23, 2012

Six Shots till Summation (L'Edition Étrange)

I'm not sure what to say about La Bête other than it's a strange, strange film. Long story short, a well-to-do young Englishwoman by the name of Lucy Broadhurst (yeah, I said Broadhurst) travels to a quaint estate nestled within the hinterlands of France to meet and subsequently marry a man who has the property to match her wealth. Unfortunately, the situation is not as it initially appears; and by that, I mean things are fucking weird. 

To answer the inevitable question: Yes, I kept the pictures relatively tame, for I'd rather not spoil all the magic contained within the film's celluloid folds. In answer to your second question: Yes, the second picture depicts a woman pleasuring herself with a bed frame. 

What does it all mean? Damned if I know. 

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