Sunday, October 23, 2011

Old Yellow

There's a banana in my fridge. It has been there for four days. I am not going to eat it, but neither can I throw it away. It might stay there awhile, until I work up the nerve to finally toss it out. Perhaps I might expire myself before then, and in which case, good luck, banana. You're on your own. Haha.

The banana isn't living, of course, it was DOA at whatever market it was purchased from. It was given to me last Wednesday at work. Wednesday is when everyone is given fruit. Wednesday is when no one really wants the fruit they're given. So the fruit gets tossed in the bin like so many other wasted seeds designed to renew life. [/masturbation metaphor]

On Wednesday it was ripe. Today, Sunday, not so much. It's bruised without a definable assailant, has deep scars on its peel.

If I liked bananas, maybe I could give this particular one a proper sendoff, eat him while he's still recognizable. But I fucking hate bananas, so I can't.

But I wish him well. Maybe he can be reincarnated as a fruit I enjoy.

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Kelli Sharpe said...

You should NEVER put bananas in the refrigerator.