Thursday, November 07, 2013

You Two Can Learn How to Darw (5ive Easy Spets)

I got into a pretty heated passive-agressive argument* with a game developer the other day.

I started it by bringing up the modern saw that games get released bugs and all, and screw perfection, whereas novels, etc. tend to have fewer errors on day-and-date releases.

His response was that if there's a mistake in a game, it can ruin it, but if there's a typo or missed punctuation mark in a piece of writing, it's still understandable; it's flawed, but you can continue with the story.

My response: "Plenty of people make broken games. It doesn't mean the job is hard, it means the people making broken games are unqualified. If I read a typo in an Associated Press article, sure, I have the story, but it's stilled marred by amateur writing. It still has acne. It's still kind of ugly."

"But you can make one mistake and it still works. If I make one it doesn't."

"You guys make so many mistakes, though. If a doctor has to do heart surgery on a patient, he can't wait five weeks and do it again after messing it up the first time."

"You have it so easy, though. You can use spell check and so on to make sure you didn't make a mistake."

"Are you sugar about that hat?"


"I said, 'Are you sure about that?'"

"I think so. Are those shoes real suede?"

"No, their fake. I brought them form waht I taught was a tursted olnine website, burt my cerdit crad nubmer was sloten."


"But ask me that question in a couple of weeks. My shoes will be pure leather, and I'll have enough time to go back and fix every other mistake I made."

* Case, meet point. Now kiss.

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