Sunday, November 03, 2013

Rantastic Damage (Redux)

It's late and I'm bored, so here we go.

You know, for years now, every now and again I tell myself it's worth playing Final Fantasy XII, and every time I do, I quickly realize how much I loathe the game. The problem is that there is a lot to like about the game, but its major flaw is too hefty.

Ultimately, I can't forgive a real-time RPG that allows some bosses to erect invincibility barriers for minutes at a time, while allowing those same bosses the full range of attacks during that same period. That has to be one of the fucking dumbest and laziest imitations of a challenge imaginable, and the question isn't whether it's possible to overcome said deficit, but whether it's worth overcoming.

Nevertheless, I wonder how the meeting went for that one.
Project Leader: How can we make the game more challenging? Developer A: We could make certain bosses susceptible to a type of weapon, or maybe a certain string of attacks. Something unique. Project Leader: Sounds like we'd have to put our brains to work. Any other suggestions? Developer B: We could just allow the bosses to become invincible for randomly determined periods of time. Project Leader: Give that man a raise. Who's ready for happy hour?

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