Friday, January 13, 2012

Alternative Lifestyle

I've been told that I'm insensitive by some, hypersensitive by others, extraterrestrial by a few, and psychotic by one or two. I've also been accused of lacking a strong opinion about anything, or that any feelings exhibited are merely simulated emotions. In protest of such vicious allegations, I offer up the following snippet of dialogue lifted from a conversation between myself and a friend.

Avis: Not long after Mab and I moved into this house, I approached a guy one night at a bar where I was playing, which is strange because I never approach guys at bars. He seemed really cool and we got involved pretty quickly. He moved in within a month. I felt like it was going to be something potentially very good for me. Something for the long haul. He ended up needing a lot of financial support, and he stole prescription meds from my mom! I confronted him about it, and it was pretty clear that he was lying to me. He also may have cheated on me, but I'm not sure. Nevertheless, I broke up with him and then gathered up all of his things into trash bags. It was terrible.. (bitter laugh)

Me: Hefty, or Glad?

Case closed. 

Wolf Parade - Podbody's Nerfect

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The Artist Formerly Known as J. Astro said...

Hahaha - store-brand bags are usually cheaper. Good enough for me, definitely good enough for an ex.

I like this tune a lot, btw. Never heard it before. Good stuff.