Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Supple Something

You just did a post with pictures!

You're right, I did, but that was before I had the pleasure of staying in a Japanese hotel for a few days; and by stay in a Japanese hotel I mean quite a bit since there's a typhoon blowing across the country. Due to this, I've had ample opportunity to go over the hotel pamphlets in great detail, one of which is the list of movies available for viewing. The usual Hollywood fare is present, as always, but there also happens to be more, shall we say, Japanesish stuff on the menu, and when I say Japanesish stuff I mean pornography! There's nothing wrong with pornography per se, though it's the advertisements which amuse me far more than any film could.

Some of the offerings are pretty straightforward:

We all like orgasms, right? (Even if one doesn't, the topic is entirely predictable.)

Athletes, cheerleaders, it's all the same. Anyone who knows how to handle a tennis racket knows how to handle...

She's so fashionable, and fashion is half the battle.

At this point, tastes become a bit more particular:

Boys will be boys, and some boys like girls on girls.

Something for the adulterer demographic.

Roomies... with benefits!

There's a market for it, I guess, but she's a bit young, don't you think?

From here, things really go downhill:

Enough with the cosplay shit already, guys.

The highest what?

To be honest, I'm not even sure how an internal cum shot at immoral travel is possible (though I kinda-sorta wish I had a body like that, but anyway).

To be candid, I'm curious to see just what this one is about. Is it about sending a bitch to your home, or sending a bitch back home? Inquiring minds want to know.

Okay, this one's just wrong. Wrong.

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