Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Nineteen: You'd Think She Were Daft, Wouldn't You, Punk?

Day 19 - A song from your favorite album

Favorite, favorite, fa-vor-ite!* You, of all people, should know by now that I'm deficient in that regard; which is not to say I don't relish some albums more than others but like you should have figured out by now, what is good is not necessarily what floats my boat and, conversely, what floats my boat needn't be all that good, yet (yet!) sometimes one simply has to go with the flow and what flows in this vacuum is what makes me feel good, and what makes me feel good is mammalian mutilation Daft Punk's Discovery. Say what you will about the album (and you'd say a lot if you knew me better), the band or, hell, its audience (and you'd be spot on, perhaps) but this much is true: I could listen to Discovery once a month for the next ten years and still be enthusiastic about the next encounter - and that's saying quite a bit when it comes to my relationship with humanity music.

Daft Punk - デジタル・ラブ**

I'll be the first to admit that the song -along with the album as a whole- is more than a tad cheesy, but what's wrong with a bit of Cheese Whiz in life? If anything, experience has taught me that the majority of people who claim to be enamored with chic, deeply-hip indie music (that truly expresses the nature of their tortured souls! blah, blah, blah) are anything but. And you wanna know what's even cheesier than the music? The videos! (Different song, but you get the gist.)

* Or favourite if you're a Commonwealth Kid, and that's cool.
** The version of Discovery I own happens to be the Japanese edition (don't ask) so I felt it best to keep the katakana intact.

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