Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lego Men and Patchwork Privateers

Did you know that Huperzia columnaris is a species of plant in the Lycopodiaceae family and, furthermore, that it's endemic to Ecuador?

Were you aware that 22 Kalliope, an M-type asteroid, was discovered on November 16, 1852 by English astronomer John Russell Hind?

Has anyone ever told you that the term cyclodorippoida refers to a group of crabs, ranked as a section?

Would you be interested to learn that fake vomit was first produced in the 1950s by the same company behind the now-iconic chattery teeth?

Does it make you chuckle when alerted to the fact that there's a Russian-born pianist named Constantine Finehouse doing his thing somewhere in this wide, wide world of ours?

All things considered, none of the preceding junk matters whatsoever; but now you know, and knowledge is power, correct?*

* At least that's what the various authors of assorted TOEFL textbooks would have you believe, and you can't fuck with the intellectual prowess of guys like David Cho!

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Mel Maguar said...

I hear he's a Hacker.