Saturday, August 07, 2010

Guided by Voices

I've been pretty sick this past week, and yesterday was the climax. I stayed at home all day in bed. Sounds nice but it ain't. I think my spine is twisted like those red licorice sticks you used to buy at the movie theater, the ones that tasted better than black licorice but were worse than real candy, the kind of candy they made after the war when they didn't have to ration sugar or use candle wax as a bonding agent.

I'm feeling a little better today, but I'm still far from perfect. I'll take it, though, because the symptoms I had yesterday compared to the ones I have now are as analogous as a royal flush is to two aces, only reversed. Then multiplied by negative zero.

My Analogy Machine is still recuperating, as are my sinuses and my libido (I haven't even thought about sex for the past three days, and when BoA made her comeback on TV this afternoon, I looked at her with interest but without lust*). But my uncanny knack to make up song titles while trying to fall asleep with a cold? All systems are go.

The official track list of Eoin Forbes's new album, Fever Dream '10 has officially leaked to Psychedelic Kimchi:

- I’m Doing Experiments on Myself
- The Art of the Elephant
- ABCardiovascular EXercYZe
- I’d Rather Push a Dead Baby in a Stroller than Shop at Wherever You Bought Those Shoes
- Addicted to Gambling (Craps Table Mix)
- If You Point Your Finger at Me One More Time, I Swear
- Halloween Came Early This Year
- Those Pills were for the Dog
- Stand for Something or Die from Anything
- Castrobation
- Addicted to Gambling (Broncos Beat the Spread Mix)
- Misery en Scenester
- I Feel Pretty
- As You Get Older, You Learn to Appreciate the Taste of Blood
- Addicted to Gambling…But Not for Long (Russian Roulette Mix)
- The Anniversary of the Invention of the Radio

Cop it.

* I blame her.

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