Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday Cheer

As everyone who's anyone already knows, May 13th is Masta Ace Day. A holiday steeped in debauched tradition yet always hip to the ever-shifting zeitgeist, Masta Ace Day is, surprisingly, not a national holiday in Korea. Considering the raging popularity of rap and African Americans alike here on the peninsula, you'd think the Day of Ace -or Día de As, as it's known in Latin America- would be an automatic day off from work but alas, you'd be wrong (though you'd best not sweat it, as the holiday's absence caught me off-guard my first year in Korea as well).

Disturbing though it may be to some of Psychedelic Kimchi's hypersensitive readers, today is indeed a day of work for this unfortunate lad. 'Tis a shame, to be sure, this day spent without a bottle of Jack Daniels, a bag of stale Hawkins Cheezies*, or a packet of suppositories; but rest assured it's not all bad news, for although I'm here at work doing jack shit work, I just received word that in celebration of Masta Ace Day the office staff will be treated to a late, late** dinner of galbi and soju compliments of the boss. To emulate Alan Alda's famous catchphrase from M*A*S*H, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh boooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and to the naysayers who think that's not the Ace in Masta Ace Day I say word to your stepmother. Of course I relish the opportunity to hang out with my coworkers till four in the fucking morning! And don't you even attempt to feign indifference, either.

Given that I'll be out painting the town poop brown this fine evening, I'll have to cut this post short. During my absence, make sure to read up on the brief yet nevertheless illustrious history of Masta Ace Day via the following links:
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Enjoy some of his music, too:
Sittin on Chrome
Take a Walk

Happy Masta Ace Day!

* Which is not to say that I'd be able to differentiate between stale and fresh Cheezies since 'stale' is the default flavor.
** As in we won't leave the office till midnight.

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