Thursday, April 08, 2010

Flush It

[7:03:14 PM] Spark: Listen to Big Boi's "Royal Flush" when you get a chance. Andre 3000's verse is amazing.
[7:04:55 PM] Spark: Speaking of royal flush, the toilet got clogged this afternoon. Normally I'd go downstairs to borrow the plunger, but it's been clogged so often these past few weeks that I get tired of going to the basement and having to return the plunger later, so I went to a hardware store to buy one.
[7:05:52 PM] Spark: I do a lot to make myself not stick out any more than possible in public, so walking home and going to the convenience store while carrying a toilet plunger was a tad embarrassing.
[7:07:34 PM] K: No way.
[7:09:00 PM] K: In said situation, folks merely recognize that you're akin to a B-52 Bomber.
[7:09:14 PM] Spark: Heh.
[7:11:28 PM] K: "Stay out of his way."
[7:11:33 PM] K: 선미루의왕
[7:12:24 PM] Spark: To be honest, I rarely shit huge logs. With my diet, I'm more about volume.
[7:12:32 PM] K: Plus it lends credence to the myth that foreigners do everything big.
[7:12:34 PM] Spark: My epitaph!
[7:13:26 PM] Spark: BTW, I can't watch black guys in pornos. Does that make me racist?
[7:13:58 PM] K: You should start walking around AK Plaza with that plunger acting as a pimp cane by proxy
[7:14:11 PM] Spark: Ha!
[7:14:28 PM] K: Curved handle, per chance?
[7:14:31 PM] Spark: The one I bought has a handle like a cane!
[7:14:33 PM] K: lol
[7:14:43 PM] K: Oh, Jesus
[7:14:53 PM] Spark: I thought it was a walker for little people.
[7:15:48 PM] K: I'm posting this conversation on PK.

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