Thursday, February 04, 2010


Here at Psychedelic Kim Kardashian, we champion some of filmdom's more unheralded names. Names like "Russell" and "Crudup," "Scott" and "Bakula." Emilio Estevez, too. Especially Emilio Estevez.

Estevez has remained fairly low key for the latter part of forever, but if anyone can make a comeback, it's William H. Bonney. Have you seen Young Guns II?

Please take a moment and glance to your left, then vote for the best film of Emilio Estevez's non-prolific- yet staggeringly profound career. If you're reading this post 2/4, scroll up a bit; but wipe the Cheetos film from your fingers before you do. Nobody likes an unsightly, orange-stained mouse.


Fun Fact No. 1: Emilio and brother Charlie "Keep Your Shit Clean" Sheen filmed a scene (Ben Vereen) for their movie Rated X at an old rock quarry minutes away from my parents' house. With a camel!

Fun Fact No. 2: Alex Cox, who directed Estevez in Repo Man, recently finished work on a spiritual sequel, titled Repo Chick. You can view the trailer for that tremendous piece of shitpiss below:

Fun Fact No. 3: Bobby, based around the assassination of Robert Kennedy and which Estevez directed, was recently released cinematically here in Korea...even though the film was released stateside in 2006. How does this happen? How does a four-year-old film find its way into Korean theaters in 2010? It takes a lot to baffle me these days, but on this point, sir, I am baffled.


hwarangi said...

Serendipitous. I just watched 'Invictus' and couldnt help but think Emilio Estevez wouldve made a better Matt Damon than Matt Damon did - given that the whole movie is basically a Mighty Ducks rip off. Mighty Ducks 2 is conspicuously absent from your poll. Call yourself a fan?

Sparkles*_* said...

Is Mighty Ducks 2 the one where they go to Russia?