Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back to Back Rhymin' -- Leaving lasting impressions like cuts to flesh.

As an aside, has the switch to 24 been explained yet? Speculation?

ESPN's Mark Stein ran a list sent in by readers that was quite interesting. Among some of the theories: Nike is trying to start a 24/7 gimmick between Kobe and Odom; he's trying to show that he's one better than Jordan; and 24+8=32, Magic's number.

The Jordan theory makes the most sense, but the real reason is obvious: after the rape accusation Kobe's merchandising took a big hit, and now, with his image rehabilitated somewhat, he and his agent are looking to cash in.


That reminds me. Is the 18th letter actually named after the 18th letter? Because if you called her Ra and her Korean surname is Kim… well, I wouldn't know what to think. Does she know the lyrics to “I ain’t no joke”?

I have to admit something. Neither I nor my wife can remember the kid's name. It's the strangest thing. I had it written down on a piece of paper, but haven't the foggiest were I put it. These days we just call her "you" and refer to her amongst each other as "the child". Like a pet.

All kidding aside, you're half right. Her Korean surname is Bae, her given name Rakim. Thus making her Rakim Bae (Mutombo).

All kidding aside (for real this time), check your e-mail. And keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Some additional thoughts:

- I feel for you about the cable TV thing. My wife won't let me get Playboy/Spice TV. And she gets all whiney when I read porno mags at the breakfast table.

- Did those Bosstralia NBA salad days have anything to do with a certain ginger-haired center who played for the Bulls? I believe his name was Bill Wennington ^^

- The "fuck you" dunk was nice, but I'm showing my bias and proclaiming D-Wade's sick pass to 'Zo yesterday as the best play. In fact, I'm petitioning for it to henceforth be referred to simply as "the pass".

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