Thursday, January 15, 2015

Frozen 2

"Aren't you tired, Orson? It's a long ride back to Stonebridge, and the temperature is falling."

"I don't 'get' tired. Tired gets you killed, or at least it used to. Fall asleep while hunting back in the day and a fucking sabre-toothed tiger'll eat you, you know? My aunt Candice was over at my folks' place over the holidays and was talking about how her massage chair helped her sleep between ten and fucking twelve hours. Who does that? This country is going to shit, and it's because everybody's lazy. No one has a fucking priority. They just want to put on their Snuggies and hibernate like fucking bears. It's depressing. We turned the foundation of this world from shit to gold once upon a time, if you can believe it, and now the pillars of our triumphs are collapsing because of lazy assholes who don't want to work hard for anything. Also because of the queers. Up is down and down is up. Suddenly I'm a Nazi for being offended by seeing a picture of a cock in another guy's mouth? Like somehow seeing a cock in another guy's mouth and being offended makes me the villain? We're all doomed. You need a fucking Ambien to fall asleep, you're a retard and need to be culled is what I'm saying. Darwin. Survival of the fittest. There's no participation award in life. You have to snatch it like a hyena making off with a cheetah's prey. The one's that don't starve. If you want something, you fight for it. That's life. That's what living is. You don't ask for pity and pop a couple dozen pills and hope the magic of medicine will make everything all right later. You use your fucking brain and think, 'How can I turn this disadvantage around?' You reach into your 150,000-year-old survival instinct toolbox and try to find a way."

"What about compassion? Studies have shown that animals across a broad spectrum of species possess compassion."

"It's a deformity. A living thing's hourglass is turned upside down and toward death the minute he exhibits compassion. We have Mongoloid babies and people breathing through tubes because of this nonsense. What a waste of time. What are they contributing to this world, Rebecca? Absolutely nothing. They wouldn't even have realized if they had died during labor! They know nothing about the world. They are like an obstacle or a fence: you go around it, over it, or you tear it down so that it is no longer in your way."

"Something's always going to be in the way."

"So you say. I'm pretty sure history will reveal that the strong will steamroll over your limp-wrist liberal attitudes. That gap year in Europe turned you into a flamethrower with no fuel. All of your ideas are snowflakes that melt before they hit the ground."

Rebecca stood up.

"Thank you, Orson. As always, it has been a pleasurable chat, but I must insist that you leave."

She began clearing dishes.

"You're kidding. I've had two bottles of wine and it's driving snow outside. I'll freeze to death."

"I'm sure you won't. Survival of the fittest, Darwin, and all that...

Now get the fuck out."

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