Friday, August 23, 2013

"It's So Easy!"

"Aw [Oh?], I did it! Did you see that?"

I did indeed!* I mean, holy shit, even a woman can do it. Mind blowing.

Disregarding the fact that the commercial is potentially offensive to a) women; b) guys pretending to be feminists in the vain hope of getting laid; c) those in the acting profession; d) adherents to the pronunciation of 'use' as |yoōz|; and e) men with anything less than piercing eyebrows, there's something about the video that is so hilariously bad as to make it ridiculously awesome. 

See also: your dick
"This is the thing my husband uses to turn pointy metal things!"
Basically, flying through the air with a female avatar 2.5x faster than normal is this thing's biggest selling point.

Pictures alone can't capture the magic of the aforementioned advertisement, of course, but if nothing else it makes me long for the halcyon days, back when those behind the commercials really knew how to reach their target demographic. 

* I also saw what appeared to be a guy wearing frames with no lenses but let's leave that one alone.

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