Friday, November 02, 2012

There's a Fine Line...

...Between keeping stuff and hoarding; and that line is your parents' basement. Behold! (Also, beware! the low quality of photos taken with a mobile device.)

There's no place like home!
Not once, but twice. That box had better be FULL of ATARI.
Take a guess what's inside. Go ahead, I'll wait.
I knew putty was strong, but damn.
That's a wire-frame reindeer. There are Christmas lights attached, and they work. Trust me.
Broken television. Yeah. 
Another broken television, 'cause that's how the folks roll.
Enter a bench hanging from the ceiling, because hey, where else would it go, right?
Anyway, back to stuff that will never be fixed. (Insert joke about me!)
In case you've been wondering where Pac-Man's been hiding. (Word to 1983's mother!)
And now, I give you the greatest and yet most idiotic game in the HISTORY OF ETERNITY! Seriously, this game is so dumb I can't help but adore it.
Speaking of Godzilla (and stupid).
Okay. Now I know I said the Godzilla stuff was stupid, but this is really dumb.
Just for good measure, a collection of outdated doorknobs gathering dust. 

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Juls said...

Definitely. There's a thine line to everything. As in everything.