Friday, August 03, 2012

...And You're Lazy, Too!

Have I ever told you that I'm extraordinarily lazy?* If not, the picture above should dispel any notions to the contrary. As an adorable little girl's sixth birthday rapidly approached, I decided against a traditional card, opting for something digital instead. To achieve this goal, I taped six sheets of paper to a wall, and as you can clearly see, composed a rather colorful birthday message, though there was much more to the process than that. Actually, what I did was paint each letter, take a shot with my camera, paint another letter, take a picture, repeat, repeat, repeat (repeat) until I had enough material to create an animated gif, which can be seen below.

Everything written thus far may not suggest laziness but here's the catch: her birthday was on May 28th and the picture at the top of this post was taken yesterday.* Seriously. When it comes to stuff one can put off till tomorrow, call me sensei.

* In college, I'd eat ravioli straight from the can just to avoid the arduous tasks of a) having to microwave that shit and b) cleaning the dish afterward.
** I guess it should be mentioned that I've never been huge into posters or, for that matter, wall fixtures of any kind. The last time I had something on a wall, Duran Duran was hip and The Monster Squad was new. In other words, if something goes up these days, rest assured it's going to stay up.


Anonymous said...

Cool! She clapped her hands and squealed. In happiness.

What's weird is that I haven't looked at yer blog for ages but happened to today.

Sling Khidorah said...

If this is the first she's seen of the gif, that's pretty cool since it makes for an unexpected treat.

Sling Khidorah said...

As for the other point, well... Your powers of mother's intuition are quite advanced, you know. I hesitate to use the word uncanny but you get the idea.