Sunday, April 22, 2012

Same Title, Different Song IX

Music is business. Serious business, of course, as the thing first coming to mind in the presence of Duran Duran and Gwen Stefani is serious, possibly even dead serious. My question, however impertinent it may be, pertains to whether or not business is good, as in seriously good because, really now, are either of these songs particularly good and, furthermore, are either of them as serious as the scene depicted above? That's pretty fucking serious, if you ask me.

Duran Duran - Serious

Gwen Stefani - Serious


Anonymous said...

The last sentence of your post -- another stunningly elegant post, btw, made more markedly stunning by being about nothing, at least nothing serious, really, and so simply being itself, a thing of beauty, that is, a passage of simply beautiful prose -- makes me think that the fellow depicted in the image means to be sodomizing the sink -- kitchen or bathroom, I cannot tell. If this is to be the case, then he is employing the wrong end of his instrument, at least if we can go by, as an indication of the proper use of such a man's instrument in acts of sodomy, old complaints against police for brutality against those in their custody, complaints from the salad days of Duran Duran. Remember these old complaints? The acts were always performed in the precinct lavatories, if I remember accurately. The reports often were announced on the radio, after a Duran Duran song was broadcast, it seems, at least to me, right now. I suppose this can be fucking serious, but I hope you won't ask me, since I don't typically like to discuss such delicate matters, at least outside of the medieval confessional or the modern clinic. But,really, I couldn't resist posting something to commend you on another stunning passage.

Sling Khidorah said...

To be honest, I don't recall those complaints, though it wouldn't come as a surprise. Also, your use of the phrase 'salad days' within the context of the comment made me laugh quite heartily.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE (and even LUV) that you know "salad days," in such a context! (And I do assume that you know the "salad days" in the contemporary scene and sense, and not necessarily in the Shakespearean sense, even as it is related to the contemporary sense, via camp, of course.)

Here's one such (in)famous police plunger cum sodomy event of the '90's, reported on the radio after Duran Duran songs:

But, let us return to the serious: