Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Notes on Music

Someone once claimed I have good taste in music. They were lying, of course (perhaps delusional, even) but I nevertheless appreciate the occasional, well-intentioned prevarication as much as the next ghoul. An apt declaration, however, would be that I've listened to a great deal of music; and disregarding quality for a moment -if only for shits and giggles- then yes, by virtue of exposure, I know something about good music.

Autograph - Turn Up the Radio

That probably wasn't the best way to convince you of my discerning taste, but hey, it's the first song I felt like uploading and if it feels good, do it. The aforementioned philosophy has served psychopaths, demagogues, pornographers, New Yorkers, and ice-cream truck drivers well for decades and I, for one, relish in keeping such company. If you're a stickler for veracity, then you can rest easy in the knowledge that yes, the only time I turn the music down is when I'm sleeping a long night off.*

Sometimes I get the urge to post an un- or under- appreciated song from an established band; not necessarily a 'deep cut' but you get the idea.

Tool - Eulogy

And why not? Eulogy is an amazing song from a solid album, and if its inclusion here prompts anyone to delve further into Tool's extensive catalogue, excellent. If it repulses you, then I've wasted eight and a half minutes of your life. Win-win!

Speaking of songs from household names, what about the Cars' 2011 release, Move Like This?

The Cars - Sad Song

A new album from Ocasek and company? Get out! I know, I know.
In other instances, I merely wish to share something odd with readers and devotees alike, such as a popular song with a twist.

Martika - Toy Soldiers (Japanese Version)

If you're anything like me, Daiquiri Reader, then you're on the verge of quitting your job to become a kimono-clad ganguro right now thanks to Ms. Marta Marrero's hallowed melody; but supposing you're not, I'd hope you could at least appreciate the quirkiness of it all.

For those times when the Land of the Rising Sun just isn't bizarre enough, I can always gaze southward to the Land Down Under.**

Powderfinger - Pick You Up

Kidding aside, I'm a Blogger of the People. When someone has a request, I take it seriously. PK's very own Harrison Forbes, in a rare, not-so-public display, appeared to me in a bowl of Cheerios I'd been eating this morning and suggested I post a song dear to his heart. (I then proceeded to eat him... but nevertheless, his wish is my command!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Theme Song)

Hell, sometimes what I post doesn't even qualify as a song but, rather, an instrumental extracted from whichever video game I'm obsessed with at the moment.

Shoji Meguro - The Hunted (Surprise Battle Theme) 

Along those lines, I wouldn't want my posting of music to mislead anyone into considering me a music blogger. That, dearest readers, is a title too lofty for the likes of a layman such as myself. You'll never see me seated in a coffeehouse, sipping on a double mango mocha latte, sucking back on a pomegranate-flavored e-cigarette as I congratulate a friend (you know, the smart one) for completing his dissertation upon the geopolitical importance of toothpaste brand recognition while he, in turn, reinforces my smug sense of having refined taste in music, the kind that's only cool if I heard it before anyone else I know and even then, only if the band in question is liked by fewer than a thousand people from around the globe.

That's fine and all, I suppose, but it's just not me. I'm the one you'll find puffing away on a Marlboro in the nonexistent smoking section of a Dunkin' Donuts, discussing the highs and lows of the Back to the Future soundtrack with PK alumnus denz. While there we'd also debate the merits of me posting a song about love, 'cause that would be akin to him uploading a song about an African-American woman living in antebellum South Carolina, but whatever. "I'm the boss, Aussiesauce!"

School of Seven Bells - I L U

Here's another one for you, yes you! just because I can.

Scott Lucas and the Married Men - Weatherman

I sometimes post music on this blog. So.

* And even then, only if the gremlins turn it down for me.
** I should probably take this opportunity to stress that bizarre is a subjective term and even if it weren't, Australia is by no means strange.***
*** Please, if anyone is reading this: Paul Hogan is in my house right now, threatening to turn my family into a human centipede and ride us around harder than he would a French mime. Please god don't let him discov-

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