Thursday, September 01, 2011

Six Shots till Summation (2011)

A few years ago, I began a series of horror-themed posts in which six stills from a film would be presented for the readers' viewing pleasure and, in a way, encapsulate the narrative of the movie itself. A year later, the concept resurfaced, however briefly, as tribute to the spectacularly craptacular Birdemic

Here we are in 2011, after a failed film adaptation of a series of posts based upon horror films, an underwhelming Broadway musical entitled Six Shots till Summation: Tune Out the Fart (collaborating with Taco on the score proved a colossal mistake) and a disastrous video game tie-in developed by the ironically-named American Sammy.

With so much heartache accompanying such a beloved franchise, it stands to reason that the concept needs to be taken in a direction at once faithful to the original yet daringly divergent. Granted, in today's remake/ reboot/ regurgitation heavy market that kind of statement often precedes the release of a pathetic, uninspired retread -in 3D, no less- and perhaps this is no different, but I'd like to think there's a whole lot of soul in today's release. Soul, I say!

What makes today's Six Shots till Summation unique is that instead of posting screen captures from the film itself, I will instead a put series of pictures on display which, collectively, somewhat embodies my opinion of the movie in question, in this case Rubber, directed by Quentin Dupieux.

Without further ado (and in no particular order):

For the uninitiated: 1) Mr. Bean 2) Cherry Tomatoes 3) Bell Biv Devoe's Poison 4) Dubai 5) a Yuppie and 6) a PT Cruiser

For those in the know: Yes, Rubber ranks amongst the most infuriatingly atrocious things I've encountered in the past thirty-odd years. I mean, I can accept that Rowan Atkinson isn't Mr. Bean; offer cherry tomatoes to dinner companions; run out of the bar when the jukebox plays Bell Biv Devoe; abstain from traveling to Dubai for the good of whatever passing itself off, however poorly, as humanity currently residing there; allow yuppies to keep being fuckheads with poor taste in music; and pretend that PT Cruisers are really Decepticons infiltrating the homes of the elderly, lobotomized, and neutered alike; but Rubber is too much.


Kelli Sharpe said...

It almost seems like Pics #4 and #5 are saying the same thing....Not that six pictures to represent an entire film are too indulgent :)

Sling Khidorah said...

Now that you mention it, Kelli, I had a picture of some yuppies in Dubai that would have killed two birds with one stone but decided against its inclusion at the last second, opting to go the 'classy' route instead.