Tuesday, May 10, 2011


ASSIGNMENT: Write 300 words about a hero of yours. It could be a family member, an historical figure, or a celebrity chef, but please, no rappers or religious icons/gays.

My Hero

by Jake Jameson (3rd grade)

If I had to pick a hero I would pick Pat Riley. First of all, he has really cool hair. Sometimes I put a lot of mousse in my hair and comb it back to look like him. The kids in my class call me names because of it, but they wear Crocs, so who's the real pansy? I feel that time will prove me more stylish.

Did you know that Pat Riley coached like a million championship teams? He did. His rings have rings. He also put together the best team in history. I'm pretty sure James, Wade and Bosh could take out the Justice League and the Avengers combined. People don't like that team for some reason, probably because they're the best and people hate good things (gay marriage, Internet piracy). My dad says it's because cities like New York and Boston and L.A. have a "scents of entitlement" and get mad when cities like Miami or Metropolis or Geo make them look small.

Pat Riley is very smart. For example, he can tell the difference between crab and lobster by taste alone. He can also beat Pole Position on just one quarter. These qualities are envious. He also is an advocate for being awesome.

Thank you for reading my essay.

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