Friday, April 08, 2011

The Arcanum of Zero

The Fool isn't the only card in my deck, yet it's one that's bound to appear at some point or another - possibly due to me having slipped a few extra copies into the stack, if only to lesson the odds of an abundance of other, less admirable cards from being dealt. But we're talking about the The Fool tonight, and that, as I say, is that.

The Fool lacks the faculty of proper reasoning, though an almost impishly accurate interpretation of events and facts somewhat offsets this dearth of logical thought. A holy terror of sorts, The Fool at once ensnares, enrages, and endears himself to those he encounters, albeit to some much, much more than others. If he were smarter, The Fool would be able to focus upon those individuals for whom he cares, if not loves most of all, and thus expedite his spiritual maturation; alas, the lad is a tad dim, for mental clarity is something beyond his grasp even if the greatest things dangle before his very eyes, as visual acuity has been retarded alongside his inability to recognize the inherent dangers of his obliviousness to all that should matter.

The void is of no concern to The Fool since the precipice on which he prances is not as it appears to those near him, and the dog nipping at his heels (and possibly on his ass) is merely 'reality' cramping his style, and that's the best way to describe his slipshod sagacity. A wisdom of sorts does exist within him, most certainly, but its relationship to the world -and vice versa- is tenuous at best.

The tendency to fuck things up characterizes The Fool and it takes him quite a while to understand such mistakes. It takes him so long to apprehend the situation, in fact, that it could be argued that by the time The Fool fully comprehends what he's done, another card has been dealt and he's The Fool no longer; which is not to imply that he's become anything better than before, but that's another matter entirely.

I'm not the brightest knife in the drawer, you know,* yet we'd be mistaken if we were to presume The Fool is the card most drawn.

* Or the sharpest bulb in the socket.


Anonymous said...

I get all this, except the last part. Why do you always end with something mysterious and obscure?

I, for one (and I'm probably the only one, I *know*!), would prefer not to have to presume anything about you - but to be told straight out.

But I'm not the brightest knife, either.

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

Fair question, Melissa. There are several cards in the Major Arcana, so there's plenty of room for me to divulge more information. Just not tonight.