Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pass the Syrup*

Yes, that time of the year has befallen domestic and expatriate readers alike once again and by 'that' I mean Canada Day. In honor of such a positively sacrosanct holiday I elected to scour the internet for pictures befitting the occasion, utilizing keywords like Canada, Canadian, drunken Canadian, Canada Day, drunk Canadian girl, Canadian holiday, maple leaf madness, Canadian mysticism, Canadian superheroes, intoxicated Canadian superheroes, etc. to locate nothing but the very best Google had to offer and the results were, to say the very least, interesting, so without further ado, I give you, Desensitized Reader, Psychedelic Kimchi's Canada Day photography exhibit.

The routine:

The nationalistic:

The so ridiculous it has to be satire:

The inappropriate:

The divergent:

And finally, the I haven't the foggiest idea of how this relates to Canada and while it simultaneously disturbs and confuses me it came up during a search so:


Happy Canada Day!

* "Hand me dat dere syrup, b'y"

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