Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Wanna Talk About

Hi, there~ :)

[11:13:10 PM] Spark: Jesus.
[11:13:17 PM] leon: wat?
[11:13:19 PM] Spark: Leon is such a bitch.
[11:13:29 PM] Spark: Oops, this isn't Kennan?
[11:13:30 PM] leon: Huh?
[11:13:32 PM] Spark: :P
[11:13:49 PM] leon: I don't think that's a joke.
[11:13:53 PM] leon: You mean it
[11:14:05 PM] Spark: Hey, I'm just kidding.
[11:14:31 PM] leon: You're not kidding. You should be adulting! :P
[11:14:39 PM] Spark: Punny.
[11:14:51 PM] leon: TX!
[11:15:39 PM] Spark: I feel like I'm at XXX. Even when XXX is next to my desk, she types on Skype if she wants to ask a question.
[11:16:17 PM] leon: I think I am prettier than you.
[11:16:33 PM] Spark: I think I'm handsomer than Yoo.
[11:17:39 PM] Spark: I can hear Yoo typing.
[11:18:00 PM] leon: I know, and I like doing it.
[11:18:01 PM] leon: 재밌어~
[11:18:17 PM] Spark: Why so long time?
[11:18:28 PM] leon: 아니야~
[11:18:34 PM] leon: 오빠~ 사랑해.
[11:18:59 PM] Spark: Yoo know what I like? Being with Yoo and having time to spend with Yoo.
[11:19:33 PM] leon: You are the only one who is heard I LOVE YOU by me that much.
[11:20:11 PM] Spark: My mom said it a lot when I was a child...
[11:20:28 PM] leon: kk
[11:21:08 PM] Spark: And Jikko can't speak, but I'm sure she says it, especially when I give her 개밥.
[11:21:30 PM] leon: You're just funny!
[11:23:01 PM] Spark: Ara. Na gaegeu man iya.
[11:23:18 PM] leon: Tell me about it.
[11:23:38 PM] leon: You're very funny gay. That's why I fell in love with you at the first time.
[11:23:41 PM] Spark: OK. I'm a funny man who likes to tell jokes.
[11:23:46 PM] leon: You're very witty!
[11:23:54 PM] Spark: I'm not gay!
[11:24:25 PM] leon: Seriously, you know how to make senteces look funny.
[11:24:33 PM] leon: Funny 포브스.
[11:24:44 PM] Spark: I'm very talented, yes.
[11:25:03 PM] Spark: And I'm pretty good at foosball, too.
[11:25:42 PM] Spark: But I suck at cooking, math, and competitive eating.
[11:25:43 PM] leon: I know!
[11:26:08 PM] leon: You can cook. you just don't try.
[11:26:58 PM] Spark: I can cook Papa John's and McDelivery. 1) Call, 2) Place order, 3) Yum!
[11:27:15 PM] Spark: Bon Apetit!
[11:27:36 PM] leon: 인스턴트 왜캐 좋아하니?
[11:28:12 PM] Spark: I'm lazy, Pineapple, and we don't have any counters.
[11:28:43 PM] Spark: I cook like you play badminton.
[11:28:45 PM] Spark: :P
[11:31:00 PM] leon: Your body will not go bad after you die. You're preseverd.
[11:31:28 PM] Spark: Preserved with what? 술?
[11:31:53 PM] leon: 인스탄트 푸드!
[11:32:39 PM] Spark: Alcohol and preservatives is why I look so youthful. Like a frog in formaldehyde.
[11:33:48 PM] Spark: Yay, I spelled formaldehyde correctly!
[11:33:57 PM] Spark: 100 bonus points!
[11:34:04 PM] leon: 굿좝!
[11:34:26 PM] Spark: 땡큐

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