Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things to Do in the Desert (Fourth Entry)

When talking about what a person would do differently in the desert, it's important to remember what he (or she) would refrain from doing differently, as the true measure of a lad or lass is not all about ephemera, correct? Right, and in that vein, I proudly proclaim that I would continue to endorse Survivor (the band, not the Destiny's Child song).

You heard me, mom def readers, and no matter how often you beat me chastise this des(s)ert nomad, I shall not recant.

I'd listen to Survivor in the burning heat of a desert, on a man-made beach, inside an overpriced Land Rover, and within my mangled head. Survivor of the fittest, and don't you let me forget it.*

* I have this annoying tendency to overlook the truly significant things, but it's nothing a swift paw -Eye of the tiger, baby. Eye of the tiger!- to the backside won't rectify.

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