Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Garbage Day!

This afternoon I came across the following quiz in an English textbook:

Do You Have Good Cell Phone Manners?

Directions: check always, sometimes, or never for each of the statements listed below. [Note: the profuse usage of negatives wasn't entirely my idea, though I did rephrase a few of them to ease the answering process]

1. I don't speak loudly on the phone, since other people are not interested in my conversations.

2. I don't set my ring tone at a high level.

3. I don't stand near other people when making a call.

4. I don't leave my phone turned on at the movies, in a theater, or in class. If I'm unable to switch it off, I at least set it to vibrate.

5. I stop what I'm doing to make a call. I don't talk to someone else, check my e-mail, or surf the Internet while on my cell phone.

6. I don't use my phone for calls on a crowded train or bus.

7. I don't make a call while driving.

8. I refrain from talking on the phone when buying something in a store or checking in at an airport, as it isn't polite.

9. I don't use my phone on an airplane or in a hospital. It can cause problems with their technology.

10. I refuse to set really bad pop songs as my ring tone.


My Score
always: 7
sometimes: 3
never: 0

To be fair, I don't use my cell phone terribly often (having said that, as of late I've been pulled into that digital maelstrom like nobody's business), which should explain my score. If I were addicted to my phone, you'd see a marked difference from the aforementioned results.

Sparkles's Score
always: 8
: 2
: 0

Nice work, junior! Granted, one of the sometimes answers involves shitty ring tones (which is a biggie for me) but still, you just went up a notch in my book, player.*

Irish Coffee's Score
always: 7
sometimes: 3
never: 0

This doesn't surprise me, although I'm certain to be mauled later for my lack of surprise. That's how the Irish roll!

Random Student's Score
always: 3
sometimes: 5
never: 2

Not bad, kid. You're not perfect, but then again, who is?** For a sixteen-year-old girl, you've demonstrated considerably good manners, grossly inappropriate inquiry regarding my opinion of your school uniform's skirt notwithstanding.

Random Middle-Aged (40-60) Korean Guy's Score
always: 0
sometimes: 0
never: 146,000

You stay classy, Mr. Cho!

I'll happily amend this post for anyone else willing to participate, though you face some stiff competition in the form of Mr. Kim Lee Cho. Best of luck!

* It's not so much the ring tone itself but the outrageously high volume of the music which plays as callers await an audience with the late, great Eoin Forbes that drives me batshit crazy.
** Gene Hackman, of course.

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