Thursday, June 17, 2010

Around Twenty

Ys I & II marked the first time I:
- encountered a (J)RPG with animated cut scenes
- experienced a role-playing game accompanied by Red Book audio
- actually heard dialogue in a role-playing game
- fought battles by slamming into enemies
- considered a game worthy of justifying a ridiculously-priced peripheral
- caught a glimpse of what the future of video games would entail
- fell in love with a particular subgenre
- felt incredibly bitter about a compact disc being scratched beyond repair
- contemplated naming my firstborn child Adol or Dark Fact
- shit while standing upright*

(image from

* Rest assured, Deoxygenated Reader, that it wasn't the last.

The preceding theme, while most certainly dated, has nevertheless burned itself into the folds of your second favorite blogger's brain on account of the fact that several hours were required to master Darm's Tower (one of the game's largest dungeons) and this goddamn music looped incessantly throughout the entire ordeal. 

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