Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kids for Children's Day

I speak to the children; not my children, mind you, but those other children, the ones both held dear and embraced from afar. To the children forgotten and childhoods regained, I bequeath a shred of passing whim, fleeting glory, and narcoleptic fascination. To you I am elation, to you I am charity, but to whom am I flesh?

Forbidden by, to, for, and from none, I roam untethered across the glimmering, simmering carcass of a peninsula splintered as the tots chant Give me candy! Let me cheat! Pick my shit right off the street! and to them, for whom buoyancy is innate, life is nothing if not for the taking; byrthynsak, however alluring, was intended for babes neither blue nor pink.

To you and your brethren, the youth beguiled, I propose a compromise. You seek the world, while I seek it not. Where you see opportunity, I see plague spots. Dimorphism notwithstanding, what we share is the hereafter; you are the future and I am what you shall yield. Possessed by this and that, sheepskins atop a rabid wolf, children crave what they need, yet for all such desires, what they end up possessing is me.

My proposition then, dear lads and lasses, is to feast upon the elegant reverie of youth as you would milk and cookies, for the sooner you relish the ethereal meal the sooner it shall dine upon your delectable marrow.  Open wide! it cries, as you are bound to ebb away, only to be replaced by that which remains to be unseen.

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