Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here, There, Hysteria

Neuroses. Baskin Robbins. Fast trains. Miasmatic. Homeplus. Insularity. KFC. Taxing. Vexatious. Mutated rats and feral felines. Invasive proselytizers. 순대. Toddler photography. Ambivalence. Soccer. Canceled concerts. Communication breakdowns. A fuckload of shit. Taco Bell? You.

Psychoses. Dairy Queen. Fast cars. Hygienical. Wal-Mart. Suffusion. KFC. Taxes. Corrosive. Full-sized dogs and house cats. Intrusive missionaries. Gyros. Roadkill photography. Capriciousness. Football. Concerts. Communication letdowns. A shitload of fuck. Taco Bell!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope the neurotic sack of bones you’re visiting in Daejeon appreciates your company! This lovely post made me cry.

(And I don’t cry too often. My girlfriend hates it.)

Some Taco Bell would be alright, wouldn't it ...