Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These are some of the things I've learned about you so far, and please don't be mad at me for taking an interest in you as that -thanks to our friend, the Internet- is just the way the world works.

- You look sexy in cargo shorts and M*A*S*H t-shirts.
- You can make a casserole from nothing but a piece of sky and a bowl of wet Bisquick.
- You can write a snappy blog post faster than you can say "POTENTIALLY PERFIDIOUS, PET"
- You know all the words to "The Gambler"AND don't try to deny it.
- You want to title your PhD dissertation: "Stickin' it to Korean High School Teachers and Policy Makers: Why Teaching English in English is a Flawed System Doomed to Fail" and don't care that you'll never, ever get post-doc funding.
- You don't know when to walk away, but do know when to run.
- You know just what to do when someone leaves their Blogger/Facebook/Twitter/email account open on your computer!
- You have excellent taste in music, which just so happens to mirror a good portion of my own.
- Short bangs suit you.
- Your mother sounds as if she's one of the most caring and generous mothers a person could have even though she abstains from alcohol and other recreational drugs.
- You're well-educated and detail-oriented.
-You keep your blog posts to six paragraphs or less, since more than that renders a post unreadable.
- You look great in a hat and sunglasses.
- Contrary to what you've been told, you have an extraordinary smile.
- HTML is your specialty.
- When you're mistaken about something, you'll readily admit such errors.
- The readers of your blog are fiercely loyal to the point of sheer rabidity, and woe to the woman with four children who doesn't know when to quit teasing you.
- You're enamored with motorcycles.
- You know how to work a camera, be it from behind or in front of the lens.
- You're probably in love with me. Just maybe...


SuperFantabulous said...

This person sounds very creepworthy. Who is it?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post!

William George said...

Are you talking about The Masked Masturbator?

I thought he went back home, detoxed, saw a shrink, and became a normal productive member of society?

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

SuFab: lips and all that (but I'll send you the answer via Morse code shortly)

Melissa: a scary story indeed

William George: no, it's not Denz (though he does look rather fetching in M*A*S*H t-shirts), so try again!