Thursday, April 15, 2010


Earlier this afternoon, while perusing my home page (seeing as how I'm so terribly busy these days) I came across the link to a film that will, invariably, have the utmost impact upon this otherwise prosaic life I lead.

For those with weak constitutions, no forewarning is necessary; as there's no blood whatsoever in the preview (let alone much else),* you needn't be apprehensive about watching what is surely one of the dumbest previews you'll ever have the pleasure of enduring.

Expect a PK response to Birdemic sometime soon.

* No: children slaughtered, brushes trimmed, semen swallowed, circus clowns, women raped, men circumcised, dogs deflowered, virgins sacrificed, Christopher Lee singing, ice cream consumed, Modest Mouse, or students dated. I realize the absence of that last one will turn some of our mature, well-educated readers away, and I apologize for any discomfort this may cause them (even though I had no hand in the film's production).

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