Thursday, February 18, 2010

(Even) Weirder Science


 Kelly LeBrock's been on my mind lately, though not for any readily apparent reason (and yet here I am, posting a picture of her from Weird Science; but hey, you knew I'd do something like that, right?)


My current fascination with Ms. LeBrock stems from her marriage to the one, the only, Steven Seagal. I need not introduce you to him, of course, but just for fun, here's a shot of him gettin' fresh with a heretofore-virginal panda bear.

Apparently, Kelly LeBrock was married to Seagal from 1987-1996 (her second marriage, his sixth), during which time she bore him three healthy children (three for her, three of fourteen legitimate children for him). After their inevitable divorce* LeBrock moved on to, well, okay, who gives a shit what's she's done since 1996? She was married to Semen Steven fucking Seagal, people! I mean, where's a career / personal life to go from that point, other than down?

* I use the term inevitable because it's utterly preposterous for any individual female to lay claim to a genuine, no-horseshit Bodhisattva in his eternal prime. Word to the wise, ladies: don't reach for the stars only to cry foul when your hands get burnt!

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