Thursday, January 21, 2010

After Last Season -- Review

I'm a little late to the party on this one, so please forgive me. After Last Season, directed by cinematic auteur Mark Region, was released theatrically -- in both senses, and some other ones, too -- last year, but I didn't have time to view the film until today. Here are my thoughts on this incredible monument of moviemaking:

In the car, in the bathroom, on the steps, in my bed, in my clothes, on the tip of my tongue. Sitting here, in my four-cornered room, staring at candles, I can't help but feel animosity for the virus that currently plagues me. But then you have One of Those Days; the perfect storm of irritability: a day that causes even the most mild-mannered man to nearly lose his shit. Wait till you see the dildo chair I built for you. Thankfully, the campaign was far from a success; but the fact that a large, multi-national company would even consider co-opting Obama -- or any politician -- as a spokesperson irks me to no end. Destiny. Not this year anyway. I'm a father now, and a professional. That said, and do be lenient about interpreting the forthcoming analogy, the United States is like an exceedingly popular (and wealthy) high-school kid that rammed his dad's Volvo into an oak tree while driving drunk. Although Slumdog is much, much more than a touching love story, the ostensible theme is one of hope. I can wait.

You stay sexy, Lee Hyori. And then I don't know nuthin.

4/4 _*_

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