Saturday, April 04, 2009


What cruel fate, boredom. I played Chrono Trigger this week more than I worked (and I liked it, Mom. Think I'll take up Chrono Trigger for a living, whatcha think about that?), but here I sit on a Saturday night, dissatisfied. Kids are out there drinking, trying to make love to their prudish dates, and old men are paying for prostitutes. Then there's me, and, if I may be so bold, you. We got nothin.

Well, I guess we got each other.

Indulge me. It's 11:20 p.m. on this cool evening, and I'm your host, Ethan Fogarty. Stay tuned to PK 49.311 on your FM dial as we lay down tracks like Chinese immigrants. Ladies get in free, no dress code.

Talk to me. Tell me about your life.

[The Manic Street Preachers won't let me embed. Fuck them. But you can still see-hear "Motorcycle Emptiness" on YouTube and laugh at the ridiculous editing vis a vis the Ferris wheel clock. Tempting, yes?]

Ditto: (copy, paste, listen, love). Is this reverse psychology? Did I wake up in a world where "Rain" by The Cult is heavily pirated? Know what's heavily pirated? X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The difference here is that "Rain" is actually good. Spead the word, right?

Billy Duffy is spinning in his grave.

I guess that's okay. I guess that works. Does it mean "Edie" sucks? No way. But it sucks a little more than "Rain," which doesn't suck at all.

I would kill a man to see the 21 Jump Street clip where I first I heard this ditty. That reminds me...


(disregard amateur video and coda. Especially the coda.) the flames rose to her Roman nose and her iPod started to melt.

Lord and Sunny Jim, is 3rd Bass harder to link to than fuck, I think it is.

Universal is actually worried about people seeing the "Product of the Environment" video? Is it going to hurt their 3rd Bass: A Retrospective, DVD sales? There's such a thing as word of mouth still, right? Not according to Universal, I guess.

"I left more than a mark, I left a dent."

Write. That. On. My. Epitaph!

The Internet (and gangsterism, I suppose) in a song.

(You know what, if May 18 is Masta Ace Day, June 18 is Sadat X 날, sorta like how Valentine's and White Day roll. Feel?)

And that's all.


Ah, hell, they even got Show & AG.

I'm out like shout.

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