Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who's Bad?

The other day, I was perusing an online forum and came across a link, which led to this. That's cool, I guess, but then YouTube has to go and start recommending videos to me based upon recent selections, which means I've been bombarded by numerous girly pop videos within the past twenty-four hours.* Hindsight, you are powerful indeed.

* Totally superfluous, being that I've already seen most of them ten times over.


Sparkles*_* said...

Now I can put a voice to the song that's playing in every Ho Bar I frequent. I thought it was an American pop tune, which perhaps proves its cred; but it may be a little too "Asian" for most.

BoA, why hide your face under that hood? It's not like you're ugly or anything. You're certainly not ugly. Don't hide your ethnicity!

Back-up dancers: can a few of you be a little more white? A little less effete?

(I'm just trying to predict how the western demographic would react to the vid. Not favorably is my guess, and largely because BoA's management has aimed it at Southeast Asia, where it's okay to sing with bad pronunciation/be transsexual.)

While you're here, I make no excuses for digging this (and partly because I'm pretty sure there's a porn star I've "seen" before):

Sparkles*_* said...

"Back-up dancers: can a few of you be a little more white? A little less effete?"

Clarification, after watching the video on YouTube America, the dancers are both white and still pretty faggy.

It seems the revolution has been well thought out (well, that is until netizens catch wind of one BoA Kwon doing the boobie-boobie dance with a big nose. Then her career is ovah.)

Kmart said...

I kinda liked the hood.