Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yo Joe!

Congratulations are in order to America's latest flavor of the month: Joe the Plumber. Previously known as Joe Six Pack aka Joe Blow aka Joe Camel, he is the new poster boy of American politics, and a doozy at that.

Aspects of Joe the Plumber that need concern you, dicked reader:

1. He's been working all his life to start his own plumbing business.
2. If he makes over 250k per year, Papa Obama is gonna stick it to him i.e. not at all.
3. The man really needs a boost from trickle-down economics.*
4. Don't get him started on abortion, unless it pertains to the 'really bad' kind of abortion that we all know and fear.
5. He doesn't have a wife, but if he did, rest assured that she'd be in favor of teaching without any manner of training.
6. He fully understands that eating at Taco Bell encourages illegal immigration.

Can you recognize the future when it's slapping you in the face (with a plunger), United States?

* That's tinkle-down economics to you and me.


Sparkles*_* said...

Argh, politics! Run!

Kmart said...

I've nothing better to do. Believe me.