Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dog Whistle (Side A)

Movies and music often go together like chewing gum and cashews, so it's no surprise that we here at Psychedelic Kimchi have our own opinions about songs that, to our knowledge, haven't been used in film,* but would nonetheless delicately accentuate cinematic extravagance. How, where, and when they would fit in, is a separate question best left to (other) professionals. Details don't concern visionaries like us!

Mostly, I'm referring to music that could play during a scene of some kind, as opposed to credits and whatnot, because that's an entirely different issue to consider, one worthy of a distinct post. (I suppose the details do concern us a bit.) I will also grant that some basic, perfunctory categorization be in order, as I wouldn't want to leave Dear Leader** in utter disarray.

Lo (and get sold).***

High School / College Films: These films, almost by definition, require music to accompany all the angst, trials, and tribulations of growth.

Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), by Garbage.

I Wish I Could Have Loved You More, by Candie Payne.

Someone Great, by LCD Soundsystem.

Us, by She Wants Revenge.

Stuck in Here, by Filter.

Hand to Mouth, by Local H.

You're Too Young, by VAST.

Sunday, by Bloc Party.

Twilight, by Elliot Smith.

Headlock, by Imogen Heap.

Drug Addiction / Drug Trade Films: C'mon, like you don't want to hear music in this kind of movie.

Uncle Jonny, by the Killers.

Wash Me Down, by Talk Show.

Does Your Mother Know, by ABBA. (Yes, I'm aware that it has been used in Mamma Mia! and Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English, but the former was a musical, and the latter an atrocity against humankind, so neither count against my decision.)

Like Cockatoos, by the Cure.

Hateful, by the Clash.

The Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore, by Rob Zombie.

By Starlight, by the Smashing Pumpkins.

After the Glitter Fades, by Stevie Nicks.

Nicotine & Gravy, by Beck.

Hospital Beds, by the Cold War Kids.

That's about enough for today. You can only have your mind blown so much at any given time, so I'll accord you a short reprieve from PURE AWESOMENESS.

Next time, we discuss the soundtracks for 고추 임금 - The Eoin Forbes Story, a remake of the greatest Raquel Welch movie ever (guess which one!), and much more.

LeVar Burton


* If said songs have been used in a previously produced film, then this entire post is screwed with a tire iron. Again. Feel free to correct us in the comments section. (You can't really blame me, though, as I instructed the PK Intern to scour the web for soundtrack connections, and the results came back negative. Something tells me she was slacking off, but I'm too lazy to check up on that stuff.)

** Bet you didn't know that approximately eight percent of our website hits come from North Korea. Weird, but true.

*** I had planned to make a joke about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but Sparkles is already a bit pouty, so I'll abstain.

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PK Intern said...

There was no slacking, per se. I didn't have a lot of extra time on my hands, as I was busy making brilliant suggestions.*

Nice lists!

*While simultaneously ironing all of Kmart's underwear. I don't even remember signing up for this job.