Monday, July 28, 2008


You need to know this RIGHT NOW: I'm wearing a pair of Nautica boxer-briefs, a green T-shirt, a Coke, and a smile.

Other news:

I...hold on; lemme turn off Portishead so I can stop frowning and imagining sticking a fork in my toaster...Okay, there!...I love you all: atheist, Christian, Hindu, kobe bryant supporter, and Browncoat*. And, yeah, mebbe I've bin readin too much internet, but this madness has to end. It has to. Is it just that Dawkins's The God Delusion has finally reached the geek population? Is that why I have to wade through such assholic opening paragraphs as: "Thank the rational and non-supernatural forces which created the universe that Comic Con 2008 is over?" Agenda alert in Hall H! To be fair, CHUD writer Devin Faraci is, most of the time, on point**, but his crusade against people he perceives as fanboys, and his sporadic diatribes against organized religion are making him the Bill O'Reilly of Internet film journalists. And ironic. Save your atheist Jihad for message boards populated by 13-year-old girls and not for a pretty nifty site, please? Pretty?...The Darjeeling Limited was pretty nifty. I could have sworn that train stewardess was Rosario Dawson. I think I need eyeglasses...Can we, the p(k)eople, name the new NBA OKLA City team The Oklahoma City Names TBA? Please? (I say please a lot.) Or The Oklahoma City Fuck Clay Bennetts?...Somewhere -- possibly on Mars -- TMH is grinning (and drinking a cold can of Miller Genuine Draft...

* Although my religion forbids me from capitalizing "atheism." And "kobe bryant." Them's the breaks.

** when it's time to rock a funky joint

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TMH said...

I don't presume to speak for all of Seattle, but those in TMH's immediate circle uttered a collective "don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out" to Clay and Co. upon resolution of the Sonics court case.

As long as the Gonzaga Bulldogs remain comfortably ensconced, our Basketball Jones should be scratched.

Also, my worthless traitor brother defected to the Trailblazers upon matriculating to a Portland-area college, and I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of gnashing my teeth over a team that hasn't won in half a decade.

Now the Mariners ... There's a team worth agonizing over.