Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Dub Thee, Greg Oden

"Ill Mare." Still hasn't caught on. "Prince Paul." Probably never will (and how's that for injustice?). "The Hinrich Maneuver." Blame me before you blame him.

But, just like Eddie Adams was born to be Dirk Diggler, Greg Oden was born to be nicknamed "The Big Chill." You can try to convince me otherwise like you can try to complete a Rubik's Cube with only your pinky finger.

K-Hot: Everyone does everything just to get laid.

Tiberious aka Sparkles: Who said that? Freud?

K-Hot: No, I did.


Sparkles*_* said...

Shane Battier is reaching for a cigarette! A menthol!

Kmart said...

I said that? I'm dumber than you thought.

Aaron said...

"Treebeard" seems to be leading as a nickname with the Portland fans.


denz said...

It's a bit Sam Perkins, innit?