Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Earlier today, the New York Yankees were bounced out of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Angels. I realize that it's infantile to feel pleasure -- supreme pleasure -- and relief that a team I loathe was beaten by a team I'm ambivalent towards, for the sole reason that my favorite team was also bounced out of the playoffs a few days ago; but, while there may be maturity in sport, there is little in baseball. Save that for golf. And dwarf tossing.

Yes, it's sour grapes. But right now those grapes taste pretty sweet. Pretty sweet indeed.

PS (aka more sour grapes) - How long before we can officially label the Yanks as the Angels's whipping boys?

PPS - While the White Sox's World Series drought is longer than any other team in the American League (and would still be had the Red Sox not won it last year), I find it hard to root for them, and that's not sour grapes. It's because, dare I say, the White Sox are boring. The most interesting thing about watching them, for me, is seeing Ozzie Guillen sitting in the bullpen looking sullen. It's really a marvel to behold.

If you don't win it all, Chigagoans, don't despair; you've had your share of titles over the past three decades: the Bulls, the Bears...hell, the city even won an Oscar in 2003.

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gwen said...

ouch! the pain.. the supreme pain of the greatest team on earth to have been booted from the playoffs
... yes, i live in nyc