Sunday, October 23, 2005

Psychedelic Fermented Cabbage

- Last week my wife bought a bag of what is labelled "children's" kimchi. I figured it would be non-spicy. Nope. Last Wednesday when I gave some to the little girl, she started crying, saying it was too hot. I thought it was psychological, so I tried some myself. It wasn't the spiciest kimchi I've had, but it was spicy -- too spicy for a two-year-old to eat, for sure. Who are the geniuses who labelled the package as being for children? Monsters.

- My wife made kimchi tchigae for lunch today. It was perhaps the best I've ever tasted, which came as quite a shock. See, Wifey's a passable cook, but her previous kimchi tchigae concoctions have been, shall we say, slightly above mediocre. I was dumbfounded. It was the culinary equivalent of David Schwimmer becoming an Oscar-calibre actor. Props to Wifey, this year's MIC (most improved cook).

- I asked the wife why Korea doesn't have an annual kimchi competition similar to various beer competitions the world over. Her answer was that it would never fly, that if one type of kimchi was branded "the best," the losing provinces would bitterly bitch and moan. To that I responded, "why don't they make it international? That way Korea would always win." Her look of keen interest at my suggestion was a little frightening.

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